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Although I am a certified Dementia Practitioner, we are not under any therapist-client relationship. The ideas presented are for informational and educational purposes only. None of the information contained in this presentation is intended to constitute, nor does it constitute, medical advice. You should not act or rely on any information contained in this presentation or associated resources without seeking the advice of your healthcare professional.


1. Dementia Basics:
From A-Z

What is dementia? What are the signs and types? How do I identify the signs of memory loss? 

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2. Understanding Memory Loss

What is memory loss? What is the stigma around memory loss? How do I identify symptoms? 

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3. Alzheimer's Disease Basics: From A-Z

What is Alzheimer’s Disease? What are its impacts on the brain? What are the common stages?

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4. When the Diagnosis is Dementia: Working with the Medical Team

What is a dignified diagnosis? What are some best-practices for communicating with my medical team? 

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5. Dementia Communication 101

How do we communicate? How does communication change with our loved ones as they progress through different stages of dementia? 

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Ashley Stevens

Brain Health

Pronouns: she/her/hers

For the past 12 years, Ashley Stevens has utilized her Gerontology background to provide support to caregivers and families. Her story of dementia care began at a young age and continues today in her incredible work journey.

Ashley holds a Bachelor’s degree in gerontology (the study of aging) from Bowling Green State University and she received her master’s degree in social work from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her graduate certification is focused on dementia care practices, aging,and global research. She also holds a professional license in social work and is a certified dementia practitioner (CDP) through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. Ashley has a deep passion for increasing awareness for diverse caregiving communities and has her Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion certification through the University of South Florida.

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