How can we help you?

Who is AVIE for?

AVIE is designed to help families or individuals who are either in immediate crisis or looking for support to improve their health and prolong independence. 

We’re well suited for any family that is concerned about their loved one’s well being, feels overwhelmed by the day-to-day, wants to provide better care, or is seeking more space for a loving relationship can benefit from our support.

What does AVIE help with?

Supporting an aging or vulnerable loved one becomes a significant life role, much like the role of becoming a parent. AVIE exists to help you navigate and succeed in this role. We offer guidance and support, information and education, and in-home care, sharing the responsibility with families. We also bring a whole person approach across physical, mental, social and emotional, customizing support for each individual. 

What is an AVIE Partner? What do they do?

Every family or individual is carefully matched with an experienced AVIE Partner who delivers personalized programs and serves as a trusted guide to: 

  • Help navigate tough choices including care providers and living options.
  • Manage tasks and services to simplify the day-to-day.
  • Care for yourself, including counseling and mediation to improve family dynamics. 
  • Help loved ones deepen social connection, purpose, and fulfillment.
  • Navigate financial needs, such as Medicare, long-term care plans, estate planning, financial planning, etc.

Will I work with the same AVIE Partner every time?

Yes. We believe that consistent, trusted relationships are at the core of good support and care, so we match one partner to a family or individual. 

What if my AVIE partner isn’t working out for me?

We’re committed to your fulfillment. In the very rare case we would happily reassess and find you and your family a better match.

How do I get my parents or loved ones on board?

We understand how difficult these discussions can be for families. AVIE Partners are trained in mediation and approach each family’s situation uniquely to ensure that loved ones feel respected, comforted, and empowered in the decision to work with us.

Based on where your parent or loved one is at, we provide tailored conversational training so you can help them openly consider new options such as AVIE.


Do you help families find in-home caregivers and support?

Yes, your AVIE partner can help you find the right match for you or your loved one. We invest time to understand what matters most. We know this is someone new coming into your home and into your life, which is why we prioritize finding someone you or your loved one can build a trusted relationship with.

How do families and loved ones stay informed and up-to-date?

AVIE Partners update families regularly to make sure they stay in the loop. We do our best to modify our communication approach to work for each family, whether that’s through text, email, or voice messages.

How much does AVIE cost?

Our monthly baseline subscriptions include basic coaching, advocacy, and coordination of services, starting at $79/month. 

Personalized programs can be added at an additional cost (Improve Nutrition and Fitness, Enhance Brain Health & Memory, Improve Family Dynamics, Navigating Tough Choices). 

Speak with us to explore what’s best for your family.

Do you take insurance?

At the moment we’re private pay. We will happily provide a superbill for reimbursement with your insurer.

Can I use AVIE even if I don’t need in-home caregivers?

Yes you can. AVIE Partners provide advocacy, coaching, and coordination of services that support families whether their loved one needs in-home support or not.

Who would benefit most from AVIE’s programs?

Our programs are designed with leading experts to create the most benefit for the least amount of hardship. Your AVIE Partner will offer programs for your situation, and be an ally in accountability to create lasting results. 

Our personalized programs help: 

  • Improve Nutrition and Fitness
  • Enhance Brain Health & Memory 
  • Improve Family Dynamics
  • Navigate Tough Choices

How is AVIE different from a caregiving agency?

In-home care is typically recommended for people that need help maintaining their Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and would like attentive care at home. In-home care may be part time or full time depending on the person’s level of need. Your AVIE Partner can help you decide if this is something that your family may need.

Can I get AVIE Care for myself?

Yes, we can support you!